We are a Family owned and operated facility who's goal is to give you the "customer" a wonderful Personal Tanning experience.  Beause without you we would not exist!   We want you to know you are more than just a name or number to us.    We offer professional  services to help maximize the value of your Tanning investment.   We have helped numerous people achieve the optimum Tan in the shortest amount of time!!   All, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty to our company.  We have numerous packages available to fit any budget no matter your income.   We are here to make sure you become a very satisfied and loyal customer.   We also have great deals on Lotions!  If you don't see what you would like just let me know and I will do my best to get for you at the Best Possible Price!!

We have 5 Tanning Rooms which all have their own theme and color pallet!   Each room is dedicated to not only giving you a great looking Tan but to minister to you as well!   Each room also has uplifting Quotes and Scripture to help you throughout your day!!   

Our Motto is "You may enter as Customers but, we hope when you leave it will be as our Friends".   We would love to be a successful business in our community, in order to do that we want to be sure to always let our customers know your opinion truly matters to us!

Come on over and let us put our Tanning where our Mouth is!!!  You will not leave dissappointed, you will leave revived and renewed not only in your body but in your "SPIRIT" as well!